Operations Analysis

A lot of work goes into planning a web analytics strategy and more work is required to implement it and operate the tools that capture the data. DDSA provides guidance, support, assessments and monitoring throughout the entire process — from choosing the right web analytics tool for your company and integrating the data for multi-dimensional insights to setting up critical automated alerts and report monitoring.

Process Development
Becausea web analytics tool is only as effective as the people who are responsible for using it, DDSA goes to great lengths developing repeatable processes and documentation guidelines. From implementation to QA and from reporting to A/B testing, we will provide the needed documentation so that those within your organization have the tools at hand to successfully manage web analytics initiatives.

Functional Analysis
Your website's content and functionality serves specific purposes at specific stages in the conversion process. Some pages create awareness, some are router pages leading visitors from point A to point B, and some deliver the hard sell and carry the weight of conversion. A functional analysis looks at comparative pages with the same functional purpose and identifies those that perform well versus those that don't. Taking what you've learned from the high-performing pages and applying that to the underperforming pages will optimize the functionality of your website as a whole and increase ROI.

Data Integration Assessments
By integrating data from different sources, you can gain multi-dimensional insights into how one aspect of your marketing affects another. For example, your web analytics data provides an inside view of website visitor behavior, but customer survey data gives voice to their attitudes and perceptions. By approaching assessments from both angles, you'll know if attitudinal data aligns with behavioral data. When these two intersect, conversion rates increase and best practices are revealed for use across all web marketing initiatives.

Alerts Set Up and Reports Monitoring
When time sensitive website information is delivered to the right people at the right time, they can act on it to minimize potential negative impact. Setting up alerts and monitoring reports is necessary for staying on top of notable website events and happenings. DDSA offers automated reporting support by setting up system alerts when certain website activity reaches a pre-specified level. Automating the alert and notification process allows your web analysts to focus on other critical business activities without worrying about functionality hiccups sliding under their radar.
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