We know from experience that you'll have lots of questions as you become more familiar with your web analytics toolset and the data it's retrieving. DDSA designs customized training sessions based on your team's level of knowledge and the tools that make up your web marketing measurement strategy. Whether it's workshop-based, one-on-one, or on-going technical support, your team will always have access to information they need to make your web analytics tools work to your advantage.

Customized Web Analytics User Training
Since each web analytics implementation is unique, DDSA customizes a training experience specific to your company. It's really more like personal tutoring than training. Our web analytics and implementation experts cover the basic UI of accessing your chosen analytics tool, including log in procedures, interface features and functions, an overview of common reports, how to drill down within specific metrics for different time frames, or for custom cross-tab queries within the reporting tool. Most importantly, our training approach lets your web team learn using your own company data during the workshop sessions. This way we can answer questions pertaining to your implementation and/or how to interpret the data that you're seeing specific to your business and organizational reporting needs.

Technical Training
Technical training drills down to the nuances of the implementation process and includes a thorough review of the metrics architecture. Participants will review the organization's variable map, code structure and QA process, learning what best-in-class tools to use throughout the implementation and QA process so that managing web analytics can be done in-house whenever maintenance is needed.

Ad Hoc Training
Sometimes your web team will simply need to pick up the phone and ask about a specific metric or where to find the data that answers a specific question. Ad hoc training provides a go-to resource and on-demand answers ensuring that you benefit the most from your web analytics tools. And remember, there are no stupid questions so feel free to encourage your web team to contact us whenever necessary.
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