Web Analytics Roadmaps
DDSA designs roadmaps to measure online activity showing you where to start, what to do next, what tools to use, what to plan for in two to five years and what projects to prioritize for quick wins.

Metrics Architecture Planning
Every organization must define its metrics architecture, whether you're one brand with multiple lines of business, manage a family of brands, or have global brands that require adopting common standards. DDSA can plan and deploy a common, overarching metrics architecture that aligns key measures across the enterprise.

Implementation Audits
Because reorganization often shifts strategic direction, key performance indicators (KPI) tracking measures must realign too. With an implementation audit, DDSA can help you understand the gap between what website metrics you're capturing and what key performance indicators should be tracked to better help you report on progress as your business moves forward.

Data Quality Analysis
DDSA's data quality analysis validates the integrity of your data and determines if the tracking was implemented correctly within your current performance measurement architecture. By evaluating a "current state" against business goals and tracking priorities, DDSA helps organizations advance to the "future state" of where the analytics implementation should be. Only when users and recipients of the data believe in the credibility of reports can data-driven decision-making become a cultural expectation and common practice.

Data Calibration Analysis
DDSA conducts simple-to-complex data calibration initiatives that help explain trend variations to internal stakeholders so that credibility stays intact during the migration process. A best practice for migrating from one web analytics tool to another is overlapping the web analytics tags so that both tools report data simultaneously for a time. Then a data calibration analysis is conducted to see any differences in data outputs of key measures. By comparing month-over-month or year-over-year data from different web analytics reporting tools, an organization can identify trends, justify variances and conduct deep dive analysis for those gaps that are unusual and concerning.
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