Campaign Analysis

With little wiggle room in marketing budgets and fast-shifting trends in media consumption, you can't afford to direct resources into channels that just don't build trust and give value to the relationship. Analyzing marketing campaign performance shows where the best places to reach your customers are and how to approach them in ways in which they'll respond. When these factors are known and taken advantage of, conversions increase and sales rise.

Campaign Analysis
A campaign analysis reveals which channels, campaigns, or creative approaches work best to convert site browsers to customers so you can allocate marketing dollars wisely. DDSA develops and implements processes, tools, and evaluation methodologies to measure your marketing campaign efforts so you can gain higher conversion rates and return on investment.

Multi-channel Attribution Analysis
Certain marketing channels work best to attract new visitors to your site. Sometimes channels work across all industries; some are industry or site-type specific. Once a visitor lands on your website, it's necessary to understand what makes them click. DDSA customizes multi-channel tracking and reporting efforts that indicate how well marketing initiatives are working together to support your brand and your goals. Based on the results, you can fine-tune your digital marketing strategy and ultimately increase conversion rates.

Lead Assessments
Funnel analysis reveals how your efforts to drive site traffic impact user behavior from where they go to when they leave. When you understand what triggers fall out, where the areas of conversion opportunity are, and what efforts make the highest impact, you can match strategy to behavior and polish your marketing contact points.
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