Content Analysis

Content is what gets your message across to your site visitors. Performing a content analysis can help determine if your audience is receiving the message you intend to send about your brand, whether or not the information they want is there, and if the site's functionality is helping them find it. Based on the results, you'll have the ability to revise your website's functionality and message to strengthen consumer relationships. DDSA can customize a content analysis solution to capture both real-time interaction and the visitors' overall experience with your web presence.

Dashboard and Scorecard Set Up and Reporting For Content Analysis
Depending on how business stakeholders will interact with the data, dashboards or scorecards can be developed to provide the information most critical for your data-driven decision making. A dashboard? A scorecard? Which is right for your organization?

Dashboards are effective for real-time access of data, accessed via your web analytics tool's interface. Benefits of a dashboard include: Scorecards are best if you want to centralize multiple data inputs, such as survey data, customer satisfaction data, competitive tracking data or organizational database information within a single, contextual view. Benefits of a scorecard include:
Deep Dive Analytics
Business questions surface every day. Some answers drive simple, tactical decisions. Some drive strategic, business-critical decisions. A deep dive analysis can assess areas of opportunity for performance optimization on individual site sections, pages, segment behaviors, or marketing activities.

Site Optimization Assessments
Our website optimization assessments are the gold standard for identifying gaps between visitor needs and the experience that the web site delivers. DDSA will work with you to align business objectives with visitor goals for the best possible site user experience.
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