Reporting and Implementation

The success of a web analytics plan is directly correlated to how well the measurement tools are implemented. Otherwise, you may not capture the data and customer insights you need most. DDSA's implementation tools and services are specifically designed to help clients put their web analytics plan in action smoothly and efficiently.

Implement or Migrate Web Analytics Tools Using DDSA's Optimization Methodology
Implementing a new web analytics tool or migrating to a new platform can be tricky. Measuring success is a strategic initiative. And to do it right, it is imperative to align key metrics to organizational goals and program strategies. We've developed a tried-and-true process for successfully, efficiently, and strategically implementing web analytics tools to ensure that key metrics are properly tracked to support your web marketing initiatives.

Universal Tag Methodology
DDSA uses a translation layer tagging approach that allows web analytics practitioners to map data passed through the universal tag to web analytics vendor variables. This unique methodology lets organizations:
Omniture Simple Implementation Toolkit
DDSA's Omniture Simple Implementation Toolkit includes a customer-centric tag that provides baseline, universal tracking for use across virtually any type of web property. With step-by-step guidelines for simplified implementation, our Omniture SiteCatalyst toolkit has gotten more than a few independent internal IT teams and external agency partners through the process without a hitch.

Referral Sources/Campaign Tracking
A strategic approach to campaign ID construction is critical for implementing a strong analytics platform that can distinguish traffic and site behavior by geography, channel, venue, campaign, originating business group, creative version, targeted segment, or by sales stage. Once traffic is understood at these levels then revenue can be attributed accordingly, proving effort effectiveness and ROI. DDSA takes referral source and campaign tracking implementation efforts to a higher level with the development of customized link generators, guidelines documentation and business stakeholder or end-user training.

JavaScript Code Development
Complex web analytics tool implementations can require some JavaScript code customization or troubleshooting especially when measuring Flash, Flex, or Ajax. DDSA offers best-in-class solutions for advanced implementation including JavaScript wrappers and custom code:
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