Analytics Planning

The most effective measurement plans share one thing in common: every step and strategy involved in the planning supports and aligns with core business and marketing goals. DDSA Partners works with clients at every stage of the web analytics planning and measurement process — building web metrics architectures from the ground up to refining the testing procedures to deliver the right information — ensuring that each step and measurement along the way delivers the guest insights you want.

Your company's position on the web analytics lifecycle dictates the type of support needed to fully optimize and fine-tune your marketing strategy. Our web analytics experts are able to approach your project from a business and a technical perspective. Because DDSA has experience at every level, at every stage, on the business or the technical side of web analytics, our clients can confidently bring our team on board in any capacity and at any time.

An analytics assessment can be the catalyst for positive and lucrative change. Our comprehensive analytics assessment services measure specific aspects of your web analytics and campaign measurement strategies so that you can revise or completely revamp your approach accordingly.
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