What We Do

DDSA Partners tracks real-time, digital behavior and purchase patterns of hotel guests, who comprise more than 85 percent of the world's online users. Customized Web analytics from DDSA Partners are fully integrated into our clients' e-commerce technology platforms and extended as an embedded solution that easily connects to pre-existing databases. This means whether you are just embarking on an analytics strategy to track the success of your online initiatives, or have already invested in a software platform that you may not have the knowledge base, time or resources to completely maximize, you can look to us. We create customized revenue-based reporting packed with invaluable insights for hoteliers using the most widely known and highly coveted software platforms available in the industry today, including Webtrends®, Adobe® SiteCatalyst® (formerly Omniture®) and Google Analytics™.

Additionally, DDSA Partners offers consultation services for clients seeking to develop and leverage strategic digital marketing programs that transform guest behavior into data-rich business intelligence that increases profits.
What We Do
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